learn Let's learn about cybersecurity playing with


Video games, challenges and stories in a single integrated awareness platform


Missions, achievements and teamwork for an unrivalled experience


Monitoring and results of knowledge set on computer security


Next level?

Be ready!

Did you know?

95% of cybersecurity problems are due to human error

To deal with this reality with traditional methods like email campaigns that nobody reads or boring questionnaires are things of the past

  • Hundreds of games, challenges and histories
  • Learning certificates and rewards
  • Allows team play
  • Integrated control panel
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There is a better way to raise awareness

Start a comprehensive awareness program with the gamified platform with the most content on the market

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Tired of always repeating the same thing?

Let's try something different!

We transform your people into the heroes that protect your organization, giving them capabilities with fun so that they execute safe behaviors in the digital world inside and outside your company

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100% cloud

Online platform without the need for servers and/or additional equipment


Compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365


Define your objectives and personalize the content according to your awareness plan

For users with little or no technical experience

Impact on all sectors of the company

Generates creative activities outside of everyday work-life, forming teams between all areas of the organization so that they have fun and learn at the same time

  • Different learning themes
  • For all ages and levels of knowledge
  • Helps improve the work environment
  • Easy to use and fast implementation
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Not everything is video games!

The most complete content on the market

In addition to games, the platform includes challenges and stories with interactive conversations so that the learning experience is enriching for all types of users

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Ransomware, phishing, home office, ecommerce, passwords and hundreds of other topics


Challenges to decoding them in the shortest time possible and win score points


Dynamic conversations with interaction to continue learning in another type of modality

Do traditional campaigns not reflect the efforts?

Get results and reward your employees

Visualize the users who have advanced in their learning with metrics and statistics, setting goals and rewarding those who have managed to exceed them

  • Centralized administration panel
  • Dashboard with metrics and statistics
  • Report with learning results
  • Awards and certificates for users
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